Design Trends

Our design efforts are driven by the intent to create classic, timeless designs that allow us to deliver function clad in a beautiful form. If we succeed, then the finish alone will allow us to accommodate a variety of different design and interior decorating situations, from the hunting cabin in Wyoming to the ultra-modern condominium overlooking Central Park in Manhattan.

At its best, we will be able to mold form and function, material and finish, into one whole as our intellectual forefathers of the Bauhaus school were able to do.

Recently, one of the industry-leading trend forecasters, Michelle Lamb, of The Trend Curve released her predictions for 2009. Here is an excerpt from that press release:

Form and Function
Colour and Finishes
The Trend Curve

Worthwhile Styles

The revival of the traditional style, which is fresh again because of "updates like intense color, unexpected materials, metallic highlights and simplified silhouettes," has led to the updating of the contemporary style.

"Soft contemporary feels dated now," said Lamb. "What feels new is crisper and more angular. A style we call Graphic Arts."

The trend has a feeling of linearity and tends to use lots of hard-edges, angles and facets. "There are lines, squares, rectangles and concentric circles, again with clean lines," said Lamb. "Color blocking is a key aspect of the style. You get bright colors playing off of black very often."

The fabrics in this Graphic Arts style "look simple even though they may not be," and the style frequently utilizes large fields of a single color.

"We think Graphic Arts' minimally decorative style will be embedded in the psyche of décor well into 2011," said Lamb.

To enjoy the entire article, follow this link: Trend Guru Michelle Lamb Previews 2009’s Hot Hues & Styles
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