Form and Function

What could a Holtkötter Leuchten Pharmacy Lamp have in common with a Porsche 911?

In automobile design, the overriding idea today is to overcome and minimize wind resistance. Porsche was one of the first automobile companies to systematically incorporate the idea of aerodynamics into the design of their cars.

We at Holtkotter have taken a similar approach in the design of our lamps. The same shape that minimizes wind resistance maximizes light output. The shape of our newest pharmacy lamp deliberately resembles the ellipsoid shape dictated by the laws of aerodynamics.

Our designers had the task to maximize light output from a given lightbulb for a given area on a table. They experimented with different shapes and came up with a saucer type shape as opposed the traditional pharmacy shape.

This is a good example of how we consider function first, and then follow through with the design details. The ellipsoid shape is echoed on the joints, swivels, and the base of the lamp.