SecundumTM Dimming Technology

Because we had too many failures with purchased dimming controls, we decided to develop our own. The result is our second-generation SecundumTM dimmer - the most advanced dimming system on the market today. We use it for our torchiere, the 2515/1, and our combination torchiere/reading lamps, the 2501/1+1, 2552/1+1 and 2516/1+1.

The SecundumTM dimmer is made of a combination double dimmer/potentiometer on a combined PC-board. All electrical connections are on the PC board, consequently the potential for failure is very low.

The output of the SecundumTM ranges from a fraction of 1% to full output at 100%. Quick connects will make the unlikely need for a change very easy and uncomplicated. It also has a built-in RF suppressor to minimize the interference with AM/FM radio signals.

SecundumTM Dimming Technology is distinctive because of these three features:

  1. The dimming capacity ranges from 0.01% to 100% (full brightness).
  2. It incorporates a radio frequency (RF) suppressor to minimize any interference with AM/FM signals.
  3. It features a double dimmer/potentiometer on a combined printed circuit (PC) board to minimize potential for failure.

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